Time and Tai Chi

When you move in Tai Chi,
move as if you move in water
5 minutes of practise every day
is worth more than ten hours once in a month
At least for the first eight years of practice
expect to end with sore muscles
Only after ten years of Tai Chi
would you start to be doing Tai Chi
Now you are building the foundation
without the foundation
you will never be doing Tai Chi
without a foundation
you can not relax
Without relaxation you can not have Chi
If you just want energy rather go to the gym
the gym would be good for you physical body
but you will not develop Chi
Tai Chi works on the body, mind and spirit.
Compromise any one and it is not Tai Chi

Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2013

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About Zeal4living

A concentration of consciousness floating in a pool of energetic vibrations. Basking in the light of cosmic consciousness and discovering my authentic self within the collective principle of being. With zeal I reflect on the experiences and the drama of life. I share inspirational ideas, spiritual insights and discoveries in open dialog and with curiosity. Join me on a journey of unlocking the mysteries of life. Be aware that my writing is designed to bring the reader to experience more happiness, wholeness and fulfillment in life. I am focused on maintaining perpetual harmony and balance in life.

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